January 1, 2004--What a difference a couple of days make. The next day after the snow storm the road was in considerably better condition. I made it to Idaho and picked up the load going to San Diego. I tried, but failed, to get it all unloaded the day before New Years Day, only getting one of the two drops off. I'm spending the night parked in a rest area north of the Camp Pendleton exit on I-5 north of San Diego, CA. A friend is going to come and meet me tomorrow afternoon and I'll get to go play tourist for a while. It's great to have friends I can call scattered across the country.


This is some of the heavy snow that fell along I-84 in southern Idaho.

An amazing sunset taken at Springville, Utah.

Snow-covered mountains near Springville, Utah.

Las Vegas, Nevada is well known for it's massive amount of neon lights. Believe it or not the glow in the sky is the glow of Las Vegas from 70 miles away! Freeway traffic streaked along I-15 as I was taking this photo from a truck parking area in the middle of the night.