January 14, 2004 -- I dropped my load at Palmyra, PA yesterday evening. After that they had me pick up a loaded trailer at a truck repair place in Carlisle and deliver the load this morning just outside of Philadelphia at Deptford, New Jersey. The driver who originally had the load was having truck problems so they had me deliver the load. I reloaded this afternoon in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, it's snowing like mad. I'm currently parked alongside the Pennsylvania Turnpike. When I left Carlisle the snow was light and the roads were in great shape. Unfortunately, after I started going west things deteriorated. Hopefully by tomorrow morning the road will be in better shape. Right now it's pretty miserable. The road is snow-covered and it's hard to see where the lanes are.

Unfortunately my heater is acting up again, so it's not working well at all.

The load I have goes to Chillicothe, Missouri, which is up by Kansas City. After that I'll likely go in for a few days off.