January 22, 2004--I made it home for four days for time off. I left out again yesterday (1/22/04). Unfortunately I was really sick about half the time I was home, so I spent a good chunk of the time suffering that.

Leaving out again yesterday turned into a major hassle. Normally leaving out again isn't that big of a deal. However, it seems that the company has a new "load planner" and it seems he is either a complete butt hole tyrant that likes to screw drivers around, or he is completely incompetent.

I like to do my job without going through a lot of unnecessary hassle, and I'm easy to get along with. The company had better quickly get its act back together. I'll put up with a few mistakes from time to time, but if it turns into a chronic hassle, I'll find a better place to work. Trucking jobs are a dime a dozen. If it comes to that, it's their loss, not mine.