December 27, 2003 -- Christmas is over. I spent a great Christmas at home in Arkansas with my family. We spent the evening of December 24th with my youngest brother AJ and his family. Christmas day was spent at my younger brother John's house. My parents, who spend about half the year traveling south to warmer climes during the winter pulling their car behind their motor home, drove their car home for a couple of weeks for Christmas.

I left out in the truck again yesterday December 26th. I had to take a short load to Clarksville, Arkansas to the Wal-mart warehouse there since the company didn't have anyone else to do it. Afterwards they had me deadhead my truck to Noel, Missouri to reload at a Tyson plant there. The load delivers to a Wal-mart warehouse in Corrine, Utah.

I heard there has been a big snow storm going on at the moment in Utah. Hopefully it will be over by the time I get out there and the roads half-way cleared off. As I write this I'm at a truck stop at Rock Port, Missouri where I stopped to get something to eat as well as check my email. I wanted to check it here where my Sprint PCS Wireless Internet card will still work. After I head west into Nebraska once I get a bit west of Lincoln, NE the Sprint PCS just stops working. It's pretty spotty in the western U.S. until you get to California. In the eastern half of the U.S. the coverage is pretty good. I'm also set up with the wireless "sweet spots" at Flying J truck stops so when I travel west at least I have places where I can stop and get on the Internet.

I will probably travel tonight until around 3:00 or 4:00 AM. I am somewhat of a night owl. I like to stay up late and then sleep late till the next day.

My nephew John Bradley walked into this time exposure picture I was taking of his 4-wheeler with his flashlight and created an interesting visual effect.



A North Carolina barn.

North Carolina pine trees against a cloudy sky.
Hoping that everyone had a great Christmas Holiday season!