December 28, 2003--I drove until around 3:30 AM this morning or a bit after. I spent the night at the Flying J truck stop in North Platte, Nebraska. I didn't wake up until around 2:00 PM this afternoon, and got going by about 3:00 PM.

So far the roads have been dry. I've run into a bit of blowing snow in Wyoming, but nothing major so far. I hear that over on the east side of Rock Springs, WY there's a 20 to 30 mile patch of icy/snow-covered roads and that it gets better again as one travels further west.

Right now I'm at Rawlins, WY about mid-way across the state on I-80. I haven't decided if I'm going to spend the night here or head on west.

One problem I'm having is that when I went in to eat, even though I left my truck's engine idling, the motor seems to lost most of it's heat and my heater is barely putting out any heat. The temperature outside is probably in the upper teens on the Fahrenheit scale with winds gusting to at least 30 miles per hour. The temperature here inside the truck right now is maybe around 50 to 55 degrees -- a bit too cool to really be comfortable. If I start driving again the motor will warm back up and the heater will start putting out good heat again. I will be able to get comfortable if I decide to sleep here since I have a sleeping bag and an additional blanket. I'm thinking I might head on west tonight. If the road gets too bad or if I get tired there are plenty of other places for me to stop. At least in this part of the country, unlike the Eastern U.S., it's always fairly easy to find a place to park my truck in the middle of the night should the need arise to stop for whatever reason. If nothing else I'll go far enough west to get the heater working good again and get it warm in here before I go to bed!