December 29, 2003--I ended up stopping at Little America, Wyoming at 3:00 AM last night to sleep. Unfortunately it was very cold and my heater wasn't working much at all. Even though I was inside my zipped-up sleeping bag, I was too cold and I laid there for hours before I went to sleep.

I made it to Corinne, Utah and finally got unloaded around 7:00 PM. Unfortunately when I got to the Wyoming/Utah state line it started snowing heavily and it took me forever to finally get to Corinne. After I got unloaded I headed towards Heyburn, Idaho to reload. Unfortunately the snow is continuing. I ended up stopping at Snowville, Utah to spend the night. Interstate highway 84 is snow-covered and I was starting to have a difficult time with my drive wheels spinning a bit on the larger hills. I don't care if there is still traffic going by -- if I feel really uncomfortable about continuing on my theory is it's best to just find a place to stop. Hopefully things will improve in the morning.

Driving on snow-covered mountain roads is the only part of truck driving that I really dislike.