January 5, 2004--I unloaded this morning at Houston, Texas. A couple of hours later they had me head to Galveston, Texas to reload with a load of cantaloupes going to Sanger, California, up near Fresno, California. I ended up waiting six hours before they even backed me into the dock.

The new "Hours of Service" for trucker log books really works to my advantage in this situation. According to the new rules once I first go "on duty" in the morning I've got 14 hours, whether driving or not, before I have to take a 10 hour break. So I ended up burning up a lot of hours just waiting to get loaded. This really gives me lots more leverage in the situation. This is a "broker load" meaning that I have to deal directly with the broker until the load is unloaded. In the past brokers could be extremely "pushy" and try to force drivers to get loads to their destinations as quickly as possible. Now that the new "Hours of Service" rules for trucker log books have been implemented, and especially since the government is making a special effort right now to inspect log books to make sure they conform to the new rules, the brokers and the shippers they represent are sort of screwed. Oh well. In this case as I said the new rules really work to my advantage. According to the new rules I have to remain off duty for 10 hours, so I legally can't move again till 11:45 AM Tuesday morning.