2005 Peterbuilt with the new CAT ACERT C15 twin turbo engine

by Charles Almond, Almond Industrial Supply, LLC

This is a 2005 Peterbuilt with the new CAT ACERT C15 twin turbo engine. You can see the twin turbos (and the lack of room to work).

I did this install in about 11 hours. That includes the custom fittings and complete oil change and engine flush with Amsoil. This is the last time he will ever have to change his oil. From now on he only has to change his filters every 25,000 miles.

It is a true savings for the owner-operator and it is a huge savings for the environment. Most of my trucking customers see an increase in fuel mileage from 0.5 MPG to as high as 1.09 MPG. That’s big money in a years worth of driving.

The increased fuel mileage is due to the reduction of internal engine friction. The true 100% synthetic oils just do a much better job of lubricating….they have better lubricity. You can read more about the BMK-12 by-pass oil filtration system for big rigs at

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Charles Almond, Almond Industrial Supply, LLC

Almond Industrial Supply, LLC
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