February 23, 2004 -- I finally left out again in the truck on the 19th. Originally I was supposed to leave the preceding Saturday, however when I called in on Friday I found out my truck was still in the shop being worked on to repair an oil leak. So I got a few extra days at home. When I'm home I'm not making any money, though as long as it doesn't stretch out too long "extra" days off like this are always welcome, so I don't complain about them too much when situations like this occur.

I got tired of paying upwards of $25 per day for two truck stop meals, so I went to Wal-mart and found a small thermoelectric food cooler/warmer for under $40. I bought a bunch of cans of Campbell's "extra chunky" soups and it does an okay job of heating them up in the "heating" mode. I figure if I eat one can of soup a day while continuing to eat one meal a day in a restaurant I'll save a substantial amount of money over time. The problem with eating all meals of soup is that I would very quickly get tired of the soup and stop eating it.

As I write this I'm at Madera, California just north of Fresno headed with a load of frozen vegetables to deliver in Memphis, Tennessee on the 27th.