March 16, 2004 -- I've had some sort of stomach flu the past few days. My energy has been very low and I've had a really difficult time eating -- I've had to force myself to eat something. Yesterday afternoon was the worst -- I had to force a small sandwich down and it was a huge struggle.

Right now I'm in Montrose, Colorado. I unloaded here yesterday afternoon. I probably could have reloaded yesterday but I didn't because of the stomach flu. I went ahead and got a motel room so I'd be close to the bathroom, which really paid off if you know what I mean!!! The past few days I've slept a lot more than usual. I also think I've had a bit of a temperature overnight the past two nights since I was experiencing some minor chilling.

I seem to be doing a bit better now. The motel I'm in puts out various rolls, etc. and I ate a roll a bit earlier. It wasn't a struggle to eat it so perhaps I'm finally getting back to normal.

Since I eat out so much I'm always worried about potential food poisoning. Years ago I got food poisoning from eating a salad that had tainted dressing. I was violently ill for two days afterwards. That's something I don't wish to repeat !!!!!!