March 6, 2004 -- I made it home Thursday afternoon. I only stayed out two weeks this time, so I'm taking two days off. I will leave out again tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon with a load delivering Monday evening at 9:00 PM just south of Atlanta, GA.

I discovered by accident this evening that I haven't been getting my email from this website. I thought I had it programmed in properly. It turns out I didn't have the password entered correctly into my email program. What was strange is the fact that even though I had the incorrect password entered it didn't give me any error messages as it should have. I want to apologize to anyone who tried to email me and didn't get a response. Normally if I get an email from someone I answer it promptly.

More than a month ago I called Dish Network in response to their "HDTV In A Box" offer. I was home when the new equipment was to be delivered, but they called on the day they were supposed to come saying that the TV didn't come in. So, I rescheduled it to be delivered next time I was home. This time everything came, but it turned out the 40" rear projection RCA HDTV set was damaged. So, I rescheduled it to be delivered yesterday. Unfortunately they called yesterday morning saying that they didn't have any spare HDTV satellite receivers.

It's apparent I'm not going to get anywhere with them until I start applying some pressure. Scheduling it two or three weeks out isn't going to work. My uncle has agreed to be here for me while they install the equipment. Supposedly they are bringing it out this coming Wednesday afternoon. We'll see if they do or not. Fortunately my uncle is retired so his schedule is pretty flexible.

Dish Network's problem is a symptom of the times I'm afraid. The equipment they are selling is manufactured half way around the world in the Orient, which creates all sorts of logistical problems. Another problem is the "just in time" philosophy that most companies have adopted -- they try to avoid as much warehousing of merchandise as they possibly can. That just ends up creating shortages and unreliable delivery times. "Just in time" requires the customer to be a lot more flexible on delivery times. It's a problem for me personally getting something like this done when I'm home only on specific days.