May 13, 2004 -- At the moment it's early in the morning. I just got my frozen load of Idaho French fries unloaded here at Fort Worth, Texas at a cold storage. I have no idea where or what I'll be reloading with, or where the load might be going until the company sends me a new load.

Lately I've turned night into day, and day into night. I've been driving in the middle of the night when the traffic is light, and sleeping during the early mornings into the afternoon. It works pretty well much of the time.

I continue to receive a steady stream of hits to my website since the publication of the WiFi article I was quoted in. It's all the more amazing considering that most of the places where the article was published did not include a link here to my website.

By the way, to anyone reading this, if you would like me to add you to my photo email list just send me an email. I periodically send out a few of my best digital photos to a large and growing list of friends and family.