May 15, 2004 -- I'm now in Knoxville, TN still on my way to deliver in Hazleton, PA. I'm stopped at the Flying J truck stop where I got fuel, got something to eat and am about to go to bed. I'm still sleeping in the daytime and driving at night, which is still working pretty well.

I came through a lot of rain as I crossed Tennessee. There were several places where the rain was coming down pretty hard. Of course, when it starts coming down hard enough that it can't run off the road fast enough and begins to pool it's time to slow down. It always amazes me that there are people in both cars and trucks that seem to want to continue driving on rain-sickened roads just as if they had the traction available of dry pavement. Where is their sense of self-preservation? It's either not present at all, or it's been disabled.

Several vehicles were in the ditch at various points along I-40 in Tennessee, including one tractor-trailer. All of these accidents could have easily been avoided had the people involved just slowed down and not been in such a big hurry to go nowhere. The entire point of driving somewhere is to arrive at the destination in one piece, and not to end up in the ditch, injured or worse.

I just added a link on the main page called "Photos Not On The Evening News" that contains photos obviously taken by our soldiers in Iraq. If you or someone you know is a soldier taking these types of photos, please email them to me and I'll post the best ones.--TOM