May 18, 2004 -- I ended up reloading at Mechanicsburg, PA with a load of candy going to Temple, Texas. It turned out that the trailer wasn't pre-loaded like it was supposed to have been, so I had to wait while they loaded the load on the trailer that I brought in. I've got a friend that lives in nearby Carlisle, PA so I was able to meet him for a meal.

Starting early yesterday afternoon I started coming down with something. My sinuses started running, my eyes watering, I started sweating, my muscles and joints got sore, etc. I'm amazed at how fast whatever it is hit me. I carry antibiotics here in the truck with me that I buy from an online Mexican pharmacy ( just in case I need it. I started taking the antibiotic last night. As fast as this has hit me without the antibiotic by now I'd be in a daze. Right now I feel like crap but I'm still functional so I'm making it okay. I've found in the past that if something like this goes too far before I start taking an antibiotic I find myself with a temperature and in a daze.

One time several years ago, I came down with something similar to this and I didn't have any antibiotic with me. Within 24 hours I went from feeling good to feeling like absolute hell. After I got antibiotic that time it took a day or so for me to recover enough to drive again. Also in the past there have been a number of times before I started carrying antibiotic with me (Erythromycin) I came down with something out on the road and ended up with bronchitis, and then ended up having to go through the nightmare of finding a doctor in a strange town. THAT is a REAL nightmare!!!!!! Not to mention expensive!!!!!

Right now I'm stopped at Dandridge, Tennessee. I got fuel and am now ready to go in and take a shower as well as eat lunch before I head on east on I-40. I've still got about 1,000 miles to go to get to Temple, Texas.