May 20, 2004 -- I'm feeling better all the time. It's a good thing I have the antibiotic with me. It really shocked me how quickly this moved towards near pneumonia.

I was thinking earlier today that it's easier and faster to get your vehicle worked on than it is to get a medical problem handled. What's wrong with this picture? How is it that the medical profession has gotten so screwed up, whereas other needed items when one is traveling are readily available? Traveling long distances cross country on Interstate highways is almost like making a trip in the wilderness when it comes to getting medical needs handled. Were it not for the fact that I had the antibiotics with me I'd have likely ended up in a hospital emergency room somewhere.

I unloaded early this morning at Temple, Texas. I reloaded this afternoon with a load of cookware going to the Wal-mart warehouse in Searcy, Arkansas delivering tomorrow afternoon. I'm not due home for time off until the 25th so it's likely they will send me on some other short trip since tomorrow is only the 21st.