May 21, 2004 -- I made it to the Wal-mart warehouse at Searcy, Arkansas to unload this afternoon. They had me unhook my truck from the trailer so one of their yard jockeys could back it into a door whenever they wanted to. When I was disconnecting it, I discovered I had an electrical problem with the "pigtail" that connects the truck to the trailer's electrical system. The repair people were able to replace the pigtail on the truck, but they won't be able to repair the trailer plug until tomorrow morning.

In the meantime Wal-mart was nice enough to let me spend the night inside of their property. That's really nice of them. Many warehouses make drivers leave as soon as their loads are unloaded and their bills of lading have been signed.

Tomorrow when it's daylight I'll drive to a repair shop at Cabot, Arkansas where they are to repair the plug on the trailer. After that I'll head to Russellville, Arkansas where I'm to pick up a load that delivers late Sunday evening in McDonough, Georgia, which is suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

It looks like I'll be heading in for time off on May 27th. As long as I'm home on May 29th it doesn't matter. My youngest niece is graduating from high school on the 29th and I'd like to be present for that since I was present when each of her older sisters graduated.