May 28, 2004 -- I got home late in the evening on the 26th for a few days off. I should be leaving out again in the truck on June 1st.

Thursday afternoon I had my annual eye check-up with my Optometrist. It turns out that my eyes have actually improved a bit. He backed my contact lens prescription back a couple of notches. He said the improvement was likely due to the fact that since I've gone back to driving I'm not forcing my eyes to stare at a close computer screen for hours on end. Driving requires me to focus on distant objects the majority of the time. The new lens prescription really seems to help. I can see things close-up a bit easier with the weaker prescription, although I still have to use reading glasses in order to read comfortably or do computer work.

Today I spent a good chunk of the afternoon at a local Honda Motorcycle dealership getting a new rear tire installed. I also had a new battery installed. The original battery had gotten to the point where it wouldn't hold much of a charge so it was time to replace it. On the way home from the bike dealership it decided to rain part of the way so I ended up getting somewhat wet. By the time I got home the roads were dry and it hadn't even rained at my house. Oh well.

Now that I've gotten the motorcycle in shape to ride, I'm hoping to do some riding during my time off work. That is, provided the weather cooperates.

I called the local cable company to see if I can get cable Internet service out here at my house. The fellow I spoke with said his database indicated it was available, however he said he couldn't tell me for certain until he wrote up a ticket for a service check. Hopefully it will be available. At one time I had two-way satellite Internet service through Direcway/Earthlink, however it was just too expensive for the performance I was getting out of it and I went back to dial-up service. Dial-up service is way too slow and makes it difficult to use the Internet in a meaningful way. Broadband makes the Internet a whole lot more useful.