May 9, 2004 -- A few weeks ago, a reporter from Louisville, KY got into contact with me through this web page and interviewed me regarding wireless Internet access and how truck drivers use it. I'd forgotten all about the interview, until a couple of days ago when the article popped up and I started getting emails about it from people who had read it.

I've been wanting to redesign this website with more trucker-related content, so a friend suggested I start reviewing "greasy spoon" truck stop type restaurants. Someone else I mentioned it to thought it was a great idea, but suggested that I write them from a sort of jaded trucker's point of view. So, I've started working on it this evening.

Right now I'm at Boise, Idaho waiting to reload early Monday morning at Caldwell, Idaho with a load of French fries going to Fort Worth, Texas. I was able to call a friend that lives here in Boise I hadn't seen in about a year. He came to the truck stop I'm parked at and picked me up and we went to eat in a great Mexican restaurant.