June 12, 2004 -- I ended up spending the night last night up north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was going to leave late and drive through the Chicago area during the middle of the night when the traffic was light. However, about the time I was ready to go a heavy thunderstorm swept through the area where I was parked so I decided to simply stay put rather than drive through the very heavy rain.

The topic of political correctness has been floating around in my head all day long, so I just wrote and posted a short essay article describing what it is and what the antidote to it is. At it's very essence, political correctness is the necessity to lie to our masters in order to maintain the perks of our slavery. I posted the article to the main page in the center column under the "President Ronald Wilson Reagan" article I posted yesterday.

It's highly likely that someone is going to become offended by what I have to say. So be it. This is my forum and I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head forcing them to read it. It's there for anyone who is interested enough to find it. I feel compelled to write because it helps me understand the topics I'm writing about. Frequently I find myself becoming self-educated in surprising ways as I ask questions and search for the words to answer them.

I'm spending the night near Toledo, Ohio. I've still got about 500 miles to go to make it to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I don't have to be there to deliver until Monday afternoon at 5:00 PM Eastern Time so I've got plenty of time to get there.