June 18, 2004 -- After I unloaded in suburban St. Louis, they sent me to Chicago to reload. That was a bit over a 300 mile deadhead -- that's an unusually long deadhead, but not unheard of. In any case, on the way to Chicago the heater A/C fan in the truck's dash quit working. Of course, that means no air conditioning.

They sort of pushed me to get the load picked up and get it moving, so I didn't insist on stopping to get the air conditioner fan repaired. I dropped the load a while ago at Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Originally I was preplanned on a new load that loaded down in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, but they apparently pulled that load off. So now I'm sitting with no load at Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and no air conditioner. It's going to become unbearable once the sun comes out. The company can either send me someplace to get it fixed, or they can pay for a motel room, their choice. Right now I'm waiting on them to get back with me. The fan simply quit working, so it's probably something simple like a burned out fuse or electrical relay of some sort.