June 19, 2004 -- Today was sort of a mess. After I got unloaded last night they sent me to a repair garage early this morning at the T/A Truck Stop at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The shop looked my blower motor over and discovered that the motor itself had given out. The local Mack dealership is closed on the weekends, so no replacement motor was available. However, I did discover that even though the blower motor itself no longer works, when the blower switch is in the "on" position the air conditioner compressor is on and working. This is good, because the air conditioner in the sleeper, which is a separate unit, still works. Therefore I can close the heavy leather curtains that separate the sleeper from the cab and stay cool.

I slept until mid-afternoon. They ended up putting me on a load that someone had dropped at a drop yard near Harrisburg that was to deliver at 5:00 AM Sunday morning over in New Jersey about 120 miles from here. That was all well and good, but when I got to the drop yard I discovered that the trailer's refrigeration or "reefer" unit had run out of fuel. The load was supposed to be maintained at -10 degrees Fahrenheit but the actual temperature of the air inside the trailer was +86 degrees!!!!

I immediately called the weekend dispatcher to inform them. The first order of business was to get the reefer unit running again. I went to a nearby truck stop and filled it up with fuel. However, the battery was dead, so it wouldn't start. Next, I took it to the T/A Truck Stop's repair shop and after about a five or six hour wait they finally got it up and running.

I called the night dispatcher back and we agreed it wouldn't be wise to try to deliver the load to the customer since the product inside the trailer was obviously no longer -10 degrees. He said to simply stay here at Harrisburg and let the load continue to cool down overnight. He left his boss a note and told me to call him back in the morning after 8:00 AM Central time. What a mess!!!!

So, I've spent part of the waiting time writing and posting a new article Staying Optimistic that I've been meaning to write for some time now. Hopefully someone will find it's contents useful.