June 20, 2004 -- Today was a complete waste. I spent the entire day stuck at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with this same load of frozen raspberries that got too hot. If it was my fault that it got too hot, I wouldn't mind waiting. However, I was just the hapless idiot who stepped into a mess that I shouldn't have. The evening/weekend dispatchers won't make a decision, so I've been stuck the entire day baby-sitting it. They could have easily dispatched me on another load, but the night/weekend dispatchers don't like making decisions for fear of making a mistake that might cause waves. This sort of widespread fear among employees results in business mediocrity.

Part of this is my own fault for being so damned nice all the time and saying "yes" to people when I should be telling them "no."

One recourse I have is to demand compensation for sitting so long, especially without an air conditioner. When the air conditioner stopped functioning, I should have made an immediate effort to get it fixed on the spot. Then if something else had gone wrong that required me to sit this long at least I would have been able to stay air conditioned.

My days of doing "favors" for people have been used up for a quite a while at this point.

I did spend quite a bit of time this evening redesigning my Cafe Press Apparel & Nick Nack Store. I uploaded a number of the photos I've taken to decorate the items with, as well as expanding the number and types of items available, including a wall clock, calendars, tote bags, coffee mugs, etc.