June 2, 2004 -- I left out today after having six days' time off. I got quite a bit accomplished while I was off. I got a new back tire installed on my motorcycle at the local Honda dealership. I was surprised that they had the tire in stock and didn't have to order it. While I was at it I also had them install a new battery. The original battery had gradually gotten weaker to the point it would barely hold a charge.

I also got replacement pieces of vinyl siding for my house, though I didn't get it installed. My youngest brother was going to do that for me, in exchange for fixing his computer once again, however he came down with a bad case of kidney stones. I'll get it fixed sooner or later.

I also got a big ball rolling with the land my house is on. My parents are selling me the half of their property that my house sits on. That will really simplify things for the long term.

Right now I'm waiting to pick a load up at Southwest City, Missouri. The load is going to San Diego, however it has to be there Friday morning, which is too soon for me to make by myself. They are planning to have me swap out loads with a driver team at Amarillo, Texas.