June 22, 2004 -- I'm still under the same load, still waiting to try to get it unloaded. They made the decision to have me go ahead and come over to the place where it delivers at in New Jersey to see if I could get it unloaded. I got here yesterday afternoon. Of course I didn't have a delivery appointment, and the people here who set delivery appointments had already gone home for the day, so one of our night dispatchers called them this morning to see if they would set a work-in appointment. The receiver had actually called the company yesterday afternoon to try to find out where the load was at, so apparently that worked in my favor -- they probably need the product so they are a bit more eager to work the appointment in.

There's still a chance they might reject the load once they start unloading it, but I think that's probably highly unlikely. The load has had more than ample time to refreeze to a uniform -10 or below temperature. If some of the boxes had gotten really wet and soggy and look visually damaged, then that would tip them off that there had been a problem. From what I can see through the inspection door everything looks fine on the back of the load.

So, at the moment I'm sitting here waiting for them to call me into a door. Nothing to do but wait and see what happens.

It's now a bit later. They unloaded the load with no problems. When I opened the trailer doors up to back into the dock there were no visual indications that anything at all had gone wrong. I did notice the smell of berries, like what you would smell when you get one of those pies out of a vending machine and tear open the paper wrapper.