June 25, 2004 -- I thought I was going to be able to drop the load I picked up at Murfreesboro, Tennessee this morning at our yard and then unload my stuff out of the truck and go home. It turns out they didn't have anyone to "cover" the load after I dropped it, so I'll have to deliver it after all before I take time off.

The load doesn't deliver in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma until Sunday afternoon at 5:30 PM, so I've got plenty of extra time to get there. I was able to park my truck at a truck stop about 30 miles south of my house and have my parents come and pick me up. I'll be able to spend a couple of nights at home and then have my parents take me back down to the truck Sunday morning and make the delivery Sunday afternoon. After that I'll deadhead back to the yard here in Northwest Arkansas. I'll likely take about 5 days time off before I'm ready to leave out again.

While I'm in for time off they will replace my truck's main heater/air conditioner fan in the dash.

I received a pleasant surprise when I plugged my laptop in here at home to get onto the Interne this evening. I decided to give the Sprint PCS Merlin wireless Internet card a try to see if it would by chance connect. I've tried this at least once a month for the past year, and it has never connected before. Tonight when I tried, it authenticated and connected ! After I check it out of the next few days to ensure that I can connect repeatedly and reliably every time, I'll drop my dial-up PeoplePC account and just rely on my Sprint PCS Merlin card for my Internet connection here from the house.