June 3, 2004 -- I swapped out trailers with the other truck at Amarillo late last night. I'm now waiting to pick up another load at Elk City, Oklahoma that delivers to West Point, Mississippi by late Friday evening.

The guy had me back into a door, but told me it would likely be a bit before they start loading the load. I'll work on this website some more. There are plenty of things I want to add to it, change with it, etc. but all of them are time-consuming. I will continue to work on it a bit each day and over time the changes will add up.

When I was in for time off I finally wrote up the AM/FM tape player. The radio was pretty much useless, since I couldn't change channels or even switch from AM to FM. I hadn't written it up since the tape player portion of it worked good and I was able to listen to my XM radio via the tape player adapter.

They put a completely different radio/tape player in while I was off, and this one works great. This will afford me the opportunity to listen to Rush Limbaugh on AM radio, which I've missed. I know Rush is controversial and there are people who hate him. I happen to really enjoy him. I agree with most of his politics and I find the radio personality he creates to be very entertaining. In the end, regardless of what people say, it's all about entertainment and the ability to gather and hold an audience's attention.

Unfortunately Rush Limbaugh is not available on XM. Most of the other national radio shows are available. Some that I make a point to listen to include Dave Ramsey, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, David Lawrence, Michael Reagan, Tony Snow, as well as a few others if I get bored and start flipping through channels.