June 4, 2004 -- I unloaded this evening at West Point, Mississippi. I'm now backed into another dock at the same facility waiting for them to reload my trailer with a load delivering in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The traffic going across Arkansas on I-40 today was fairly heavy. When the traffic gets too heavy I find it useful to set my truck's cruise control a mile or two an hour slower than the flow of the traffic and let them pass me. Otherwise in really heavy traffic I find that the "jack rabbit" drivers that haven't learned how to maintain a consistent vehicle speed will pass, only to immediately slow back down. As soon as they see me swing into the left lane in their mirror, they will invariably speed back up. Rather than be endlessly be annoyed at this patently STUPID driving behavior on the part of air-head 4 wheeler drivers, I just slow down a bit and make them all pass ME.

Back in the days of the nationwide 55 mile per hour speed limit, I really disliked it when people would follow my truck. I'd be driving along about 60 miles per hour and people would follow me thinking they were speeding. This was especially annoying at night. When the speed limits were increased again back in the 1980's it was a real relief when this ignorant truck-following behavior stopped.