June 8, 2004 -- I spent the night at Glade Spring, Virginia. When I woke up a bit after Noon, I found that the company had sent me a message wanting me to swap loads with another driver who's truck had broken down. So I had to back-track about 45 miles north to Wytheville, Virginia to the T/A Truck Stop there. I swapped out with him and then headed to Hanover, Pennsylvania where I unload at 9:00 AM Wednesday morning.

As the week moves along, some of the liberals in the media are starting to show their true colors when it comes to Ronald Reagan. Many of them have been saying things they don't believe about Reagan, and as the week drags on they are finally starting to crack open to reveal where they are really coming from. A man like Ronald Reagan is a real lightning rod. People who are coming from the wrong place actually hate him. It's actually good for them in the long run to hate someone like Reagan, because he didn't hate them back. Their continued rabid hatred of him will either drive them over the edge, or they will realize he was right.

My Reagan Tribute has gotten mostly positive feedback. I did have one guy who called Reagan an "asshole" and called me a "loser" for admiring him. I enjoy engaging with these people, since I'm immune from their hate-filled, angry diatribes. They are nothing but words that simply show where they are coming from versus where I'm coming from. I find that as long as I remain calm and patient with them, where I'm coming from protects me from them. They can go crazy and I'm unaffected.

Rabid, hate-filled words won't persuade anyone of anything. They simply show their true colors when it degenerates to this level. People like this always tend to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of. It's fun to engage with them nonetheless. Without darkness there could be no light, and without evil in people there could be no claim to virtue.