July 12, 2004 -- I've received positive reaction from my Beard Progress page.

I unloaded last Friday in San Diego, California. I picked a candy load late Wednesday evening in Victorville, California delivering in Chehalis, Washington early this (Monday) morning. I picked a load of wine up at Patterson, Utah this afternoon delivering in North Hollywood, California Wednesday afternoon. Right now I've stopped to sleep at Parma, Utah.

I got tired of the typical talk show stuff I was listening to on the radio, so I downloaded a bunch of Roy Masters "Advice Line" radio programs from and burned them onto CD's in MP3 format. I've been listening to these CD's almost exclusively. Roy Masters is not for everyone -- some people literally hate his guts. It's possible to listen to his program on the website, but I don't have the opportunity to do that, so it's great that I can download it  and essentially time-shift it onto MP3 format CD's.

I've spent the past five days in the Pacific Time Zone. Normally I remain on Central Time regardless of where I'm at, but after a few days I've shifted to it without realizing it. The cycle of light and dark is powerful.

When I was in Victorville, California Saturday morning a friend drove up from Long Beach, California and we had lunch.