July 14, 2004 -- My truck broke down yesterday afternoon. I was about 30 miles north of Winnemucca, Nevada on U.S. Hwy. 95 waiting in a construction zone for traffic to start moving again. Suddenly the trailer release valve in the truck's dash developed a rather severe air leak.

Fortunately I was able to drive the truck on in here to Winnemucca to a Freightliner dealership. They were hoping to receive a replacement part this afternoon, but it didn't get here. Apparently, the guy who took the part from the Mack dealership in Reno, Nevada to the local bus station got lost and was late getting there and the bus had already left. So, they had to put it on a later bus. The part should be here tomorrow, and maybe I'll get moving again.

I don't get a thing out of gambling, so that aspect of being in Nevada is pretty much lost on me.

Unfortunately the place in North Hollywood, California where this load of wine delivers is apparently going through an inventory process Thursday and Friday. They said they would not receive the load any later than 6:00 AM Thursday. Since I won't have even left Winnemucca by then, I imagine it's likely I'll end up spending the weekend around Los Angeles somewhere to deliver the load early Monday morning. I might get to see the Reagan Library while I'm around there which would be good. Otherwise I would prefer to drive rather than just sit around so much.

They had to open up the central part of my truck's dash, and this is what it looks like opened up: