July 20, 2004 -- I've been very busy the past few days. They ended up changing my delivery appointment at Appleton, Wisconsin to early this morning at 6:00 AM since the original delivery time of Monday evening at 7:00 PM didn't allow me enough time to make the delivery legally or even practically. I've realized lately that I've been people-pleasing even when it comes to trucking -- I've been under a compulsion to try to make delivery appointments even when they are unreasonably tight.

I reloaded late this afternoon at New London, Wisconsin with a load delivering in metro Atlanta, Georgia Thursday morning at 8:00 AM. Right now I've made it to a truck stop in Indiana about 16 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky where I've stopped to sleep. I've got a bit over 24 hours to make the final 450 miles to Atlanta, which is reasonable.

I just added a link on the main page to the Real Audio version of the Foundation of Human Understanding Meditation Exercise. The exercise has a real magic all of it's own that must be experienced to be believed. The website it comes from is