July 21, 2004 -- I've made it to Atlanta, Georgia where I'm waiting to back into a door to unload. It's a cold storage and it's quite a busy place so I'll likely be here a while.

The trip down here was actually fairly pleasant. I find that when I drive late at night there tends to be a lot less traffic. The other traffic late at night tends to consist mostly of trucks, who as a rule of thumb, tend to be more courteous, thoughtful drivers than the run-of-the-mill mix of commuters and tourists.

My parents are celebrating their 50th anniversary in the middle of next month. I don't know whether to go home now and take my time off and come back home in two weeks for the anniversary, or simply skip going home at the end of this month and then take my time off in the middle of the month. Normally it works better if I take my time off at the end of the month and avoid coming home in the middle.