July 27, 2004 -- I ended up reloading Monday afternoon at Newark, Delaware with a load going to Houston, Texas. Right now I'm in Louisiana with about 220 more miles to go to get to Houston. I deliver there tomorrow morning.

My Dad called earlier and told me that Mom was in the hospital. She's been experiencing shortness of breath and had a couple of recent "spells." They are going to do a stress test on her Wednesday morning, as well as a heart "catheterization" to see if there's any blockage. John, one of my two younger brothers, also called me a bit later and told me the same thing to make sure I knew about it. They are supposed to call me and let me know what the results are.

I was originally scheduled to be home around the end of the month for time off, but since my parents' wedding anniversary is on August 14th I told the company to not bring me home for time off until August 11th. That way I'll be sure to be home for their wedding anniversary.