July 28, 2004 -- I've made it to Houston, Texas. Unfortunately the directions I got from our company computer system via the Qualcomm here in my truck are really garbled. I can't make heads or tails of them. I believe I'm parked near where I'll be unloading, so the only alternative I have is to wait until 8:00 AM when the place opens and call them on my cell phone to find out precisely where they want the load delivered. The delivery address is different from the directions to the receiver. The phone number goes to yet a different address in a different part of town. Very confusing!!!!

Dad called me around Noon to say that Mom had successfully gone through the heart "catheterization" process. They said she had 90% blockage in one of her arteries. They were able to clear the blockage and put in a "stint" so that should take care of her shortness-of-breath symptoms. He said she should be able to go home from the hospital in a day or two provided she continues to do okay.