July 29, 2004 -- I didn't realize it, but I actually had two drops in Houston, Texas instead of just one. After I realized that, I was able to find the first one and then the second one. The directions I had to the second one were wrong, since they had moved to a different part of town. That means the directions the company has for that particular receiver in their computer system are wrong.

After I got unloaded I went to the nearest truck stop and slept for a few hours. After that I took a shower and ate supper, then drove over here to San Antonio, Texas, where I'm reloading Friday morning with a load delivering in Doraville, Georgia (metro Atlanta, Georgia area).

My Mom called me around 6:00 PM this evening to tell me she'd gotten out of the hospital. She sounded good. She said she's still got about 50% blockage in a couple of the other arteries to her heart. They don't like to do anything about it until it gets to a higher, more threatening percentage. They probably don't like to do that since the "cath" procedure itself has some inherent risk associated with it.