July 6, 2004 -- I called in this morning and my fleet manager told me to head on up to the trucking company's yard. It turns out that a shop mechanic had failed to remove the red shop tag from my truck's steering wheel, even though the shop was finished working on it and it was ready to be dispatched.

At any rate, I left this afternoon. I'm waiting to back into a door at a cold storage at Carthage, Missouri. The load I'm picking up delivers at Noon on Friday in San Diego, California.

It's now several hours later and I'm still waiting to load. It's now 4 hours past my 8:00 PM loading appointment. I am debating on whether or not to try to go to bed. The problem is that they want waiting drivers to monitor citizen's band channel 15 so they can tell them when the warehouse is ready for them to back into a door to load or unload. This is the longest I can remember waiting to pick up a load since the logbook regulations changed earlier in 2004.

The company negotiated "detention time" after 2 hours' worth of sitting with many shippers and receivers soon after the national logbook rules changed. They also started paying us detention time for having to sit and wait to load and unload for excessive amounts of time.

When I first got here, my Internet connection was working. After about an hour or so, the wireless Internet signal strength dropped to near zero and it hasn't come back up. That means I can't get on the Internet, which is really limiting my ability to spend this waiting time productively.