August 2, 2004 -- I am having to stay under the load. It doesn't deliver until tomorrow morning at Doraville, Georgia. I will negotiate for some layover pay once the load is delivered and I get another load.

In the meantime I've been updating my website. I've added new comments to the "Feature Article" section on the Home page regarding the 2004 Presidential Election. I also got additional information on Stem Cell Research that has actually caused me to modify my position on it so I added a How Stem Cell Research Has Been Hijacked article.

I'm no longer opposed to Stem Cell Research itself -- in fact I can now support it wholeheartedly. What I still remain staunchly opposed to is the idea of using aborted human fetuses as a ready-made supply of fetal stem cells. Stem cells, including fetal stem cells, can be grown using only sperm and ovum cells in a laboratory without an abortion EVER having to take place. The pro-abortion forces have latched on to the Stem Cell Research issue, making it seem that the only source for fetal stem cells is aborted fetuses. They've done this to create a sort of lever to help legitimize abortion, which now and forever remains morally wrong. In the process, they have severely damaged this potentially life-saving research.