August 23, 2004 -- I unloaded early this morning at Green Cove Springs, Florida. Around 10:30 AM they sent me another load that loaded at Leesburg, Florida. Since there were no truck washes around, I was hoping that I could simply sweep the trailer out. Unfortunately, there was a substantial amount of beef blood in the metal grooves of the trailer floor, so I had to get it washed out before going to pick up the load.

I got to the place where the load loaded at 3:00 PM. I finally got loaded at 10:45 PM, nearly 8 hours later. I made it to nearby Wildwood, Florida to weigh my truck as well as get something to eat for supper since there was no food for sale anywhere near where I was loading. I've decided to just sleep right here rather than trying to drive part of the night. An 8 hour wait to get loaded is ridiculous.