August 25, 2004 -- They backed my Niles, Illinois delivery appointment back by 6 hours, which gave me enough time to legally get there. I got unloaded there around 9:00 PM this (Wednesday) evening.

I'm reloading tomorrow (Thursday) here at Manteno, Illinois with a load going to Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

For the past couple of weeks I've been drinking water and instant tea instead of buying cans of diet soda. Diet soda is pretty expensive if you drink so much of it day in and day out. I'm saving myself at least $4 per day, which does add up. I bought a 12 pack of bottled water to begin with so I could get the durable plastic bottles. I'll be able to reuse the plastic bottles over and over again hundreds of times -- they are actually quite durable. I mix the tea in a 2 gallon water jug and then am able to easily fill the bottles and put them in my portable thermoelectric 12-volt refrigerator to keep them cold. I'm going through about one and a half gallons of water per day.