August 29, 2004 -- I've made it to the Knoxville, Tennessee Flying J Truck Stop. I've got about 37 miles to go to make it to where I'm delivering at in Athens, Tennessee. Here are three quick-and-dirty webcam shots. Sorry about the bug-and-dirt smeared windows!!!!

It's starting to look like George Bush might be pulling ahead in the national election, which if true is a good thing. What Bushes opposition fails to realize is that in the post-September 11th world in which we live, the ONLY real issue is National Security. All the other issues pale by comparison. To ignore the terrorist threat to our National Security is to be stuck trying to live in the past in a pre-911 fantasy.

The terrorists will likely strike us sometime in the next couple of months, likely a few days before the election. Everything possible is being done to thwart such an attack, however like President Bush says, to stop these terrorists from attacking we have to be right 100% of the time, whereas they only have to be right once.

Here's a quick-and-dirty webcam shot of me sitting here in the sleeper in front of my laptop.