August 5, 2004 -- I unloaded the load at Doraville, Georgia, then reloaded with a load of candy at Cleveland, Tennessee that dropped yesterday in Manteno, Illinois. I picked another load of candy up at Manteno, Illinois that drops at Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Right now I'm at Brookville, Pennsylvania where I stopped to get fuel, take a shower, eat supper and sleep.

Last night I had to stop about six hours in Chicago getting the trailer's refrigeration unit fixed as it wouldn't start.

I've gotten a bit tired the past few nights so I haven't been pushing myself very hard. The drop and hook candy loads don't have a set delivery pick-up or drop-off appointment, so I can take my time getting there if I want rather than aggressively trying to get there.

I've got six days before I'm due home for time off on August 11th. I'm ready for it!