August 9, 2004 -- They sent me another load this morning, but it doesn't have me headed towards Arkansas yet. I'm waiting right now to pick up a load of candy at Albany, Georgia delivering on the 11th in Chicago, Illinois. I was supposed to be home on the 11th, so unless they have me swap loads with another truck somewhere tomorrow, that obviously isn't going to happen. My parents' 50th wedding anniversary is on the 14th, so they've still got a couple of days to get me back home in time for it if I do have to deliver this load to Chicago.

My fleet manager is off this week because of surgery (death on the installment plan!!!!) so I'm serving at the whims of one of her over-worked co-workers who is having to oversee the operation of 100 trucks instead of her normal 50 trucks. It's unfortunate when a system is designed around depending on really competent people working their buns off to make things run smoothly. Trucks and truck drivers are pretty much interchangeable units for the most part, each one being able to do any job. Ideally the load dispatch system would be designed the same way, so that relative maximum efficiency could be achieved with the people working as fleet managers as interchangeable units. Instead, because of the way the load dispatching system is designed, a lot of the fleet manager's efficiency depends on their personality and forces them to work like rats in a squirrel cage, chasing after a goal just beyond their nose that never can quite be reached.