September 10, 2004 -- I'm backed into a door at Pauls Valley, Oklahoma where I'm waiting to get finished unloaded. After I get out of here I'll head towards home for a few days off.

There's a big controversy brewing about CBS's "60 Minutes" news magazine TV show with an interview done by Dan Rather purporting to show documents relating to George W. Bush's military service. The documents are fake. I downloaded the documents from the CBS website, and they are obviously forged. Whoever composed them composed them in Microsoft Word using the default document settings.

I typed some of the downloaded text into a blank Microsoft Word document myself, and I'm able to produce exactly the same documents with the same word-wrap. Typewriters of the time did not have proportional fonts.

CBS has made a huge mistake. If it's proved that they are forgeries, CBS has blown any remaining chance at being elected that John Kerry had.

Fox News Channel has really been biting into the conventional liberal U.S. news media. Now, CBS, in their zeal to help their liberal buddies in the Kerry Campaign, has really demonstrated themselves to be completely incompetent and unbelievable. I already believed the conventional liberal news media was already on the way to a huge melt-down -- CBS is making it occur even faster by demonstrating they are willing to make up fake news in order to hurt their political opponents.

Dan Rather should resign.