September 16, 2004 -- I've been home the past few days for time off. Someone pointed out to me that the link for the entry on September 10th wasn't working, so I've fixed the link.

I've had an interesting time off. For a while I'd been thinking about how cool it would be to have an all-white beard. Even though I knew better, I tried bleaching out the remaining color. That was a HUGE mistake. I ended up with a yellow-orange mess. To make matters worse, the peroxide caused the hair to be very rough and brittle.

At first I tried to solve the problem by dying everything to a dark brown. I ended up looking like an escaped Guantanamo Bay detainee!!!!!!

The only solution was to shave down to a half-inch goatee and basically start over. I colored the remaining goatee to a dark brown. This is how I kept it for years so I'm used to it.

The moral of the story is to NEVER try to bleach hair to a white color, even hair that is mostly gray already !!!!!

I must admit that I am enjoying not having to fuss with the beard, especially when I'm riding my motorcycle. A big beard is also a pain to deal with when I first wake up of a morning. Even so, I enjoyed it, and I'll likely grow it back out. It will take about a year to get back to the length it was. I probably won't start to grow it out until I lose a good part of the color from my goatee as it grows out gray again.

I was supposed to go back to work today, but my truck was in the shop. I'll likely end up leaving tomorrow.