September 2, 2004 -- I've made it to Edwardsville, Illinois where I've dropped my trailer. Right now I'm waiting on an empty trailer.

It looks like after I get an empty trailer, I'll be going to Manteno, Illinois to pick up another load going to Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I've been going to a lot of the same places over and over on this trip, but it doesn't bother me so long as I have something to do. I like the loads I've been hauling lately since most of them are not on a fixed appointment time, which allows for greater flexibility in picking them up and dropping them.

I just finished listening to George Bush's speech at the Republican National Convention. I like the way the convention went. I've listened to almost all of it through the Fox News Channel on XM Radio. I am a big Fox News Channel fan. They are really biting in to their competition. With the Republican National Convention coverage Fox News Channel's viewer ship ratings are even surpassing the conventional over-the-air networks ratings, which is the first time I've ever heard of a cable news channel getting better news ratings than conventional networks.

The reason Fox News Channel is getting such high viewer ratings is really quite simple -- they present both sides of every argument. The conventional "establishment" media presents a left-wing, biased view of everything. The average American is sick of the bias.

I believe their is a coming "melt-down" of sorts in the conventional liberal news media as they continue to lose market share. They no longer have the monopoly that once existed. There's now competition coming at them from all angles. In the final analysis, the news business is actually a business after all -- in the end its existence depends on maintaining adequate market share. When that market share drops below profitability, it cannot continue to be sustained forever.