September 27, 2004 -- I had a nice visit with my friends in Dallas, Texas. I left Dallas yesterday at noon and made it to Harahan, Louisiana around 10:00 PM or so. I unloaded here in Harahan early this morning then parked on a side street where I could sleep.

I have a prediction that I pray to God does not come true. Sometime before the election, there will be a terrorist attack much bigger than 911. It's likely that 300,000 thousand or more Americans will die. With a shock that great, will America do a flip-flop and vote for the weaker, more terrorist-sympathetic candidate that wants to fight a more "sensitive war" on terror? Will America cave like Spain did? If America caves, we are dead meat, plain and simple. If 300,000 thousand to a million Americans die in the next terrorist attack, the socialist left will be out in force pointing their fingers of blame at George Bush, saying that he is "too strong" and that he "caused" the attack because he made our enemies "madder." It will happen just the way I'm saying, and a good number of people will do an instant flip-flop and believe it.