About Roy Masters

Roy Masters teaches a simple concentration exercise to help you become objective to your thoughts. Through practice of this exercise, you will come to know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

Roy Masters, founder and President of the Foundation of Human Understanding (FHU), has a 51-year track record of helping people overcome their most troublesome, painful, and deeply-rooted personal problems. He has been widely acknowledged by experts, both in organized religion and in the secular healing arts of medicine, psychiatry, and psychology, for his uncommon expertise and experience in helping people deal with stress - all from the Judeo-Christian perspective.

"Life is like a puzzle. From childhood we are hurt, traumatized, and emotionalized, and as a result we lose some of the most important pieces. My basic message is very simple: What's wrong with people is that we are not ourselves. Somehow, we have been conditioned to respond to the pressures of the environment, rather than to the original inner knowing that we came into the world with before we were traumatized. My materials will help you discover how to reconnect to the intuitive knowing in your heart, rather than responding to outside pressures hypnotically. Soon your mind and heart will no longer be troubled. You will learn to live the real meaning of the saying, "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free."

 For millions of people, Roy Masters' voice is a daily reminder of sanity and conscience. But who is the man behind the voice? In London, England on April 2, 1928, Roy Masters entered the world. By the age of four, young Roy was already aware of the plight of human existence. "I remember looking down upon the street from the window of our apartment, and watching the people walking back and forth from their homes to their work," he recalls. "I clearly remember the expressions of unhappiness on their faces and thinking to myself, 'There must be more to life than this."' Masters' father died of a heart attack when Roy was 15. In 1948, Roy left England for South Africa, where he worked as a diamond cutter for a little over a year. At age 24, Masters married his wife, Ann, and eventually settled down in Houston, Texas, where he established the Institute of Hypnosis. In 196.

Roy had become aware, as a result of his work with hypnosis, that the reason why he was so successful with his patients was that he was actually de-hypnotizing them. He was convinced that he had rediscovered the meditation technique (or method of prayer) that Jesus taught his disciples. Needless to say, he was eager to share his discovery with as large an audience as possible. In 1963, Roy formed the Foundation of Human Understanding. Soon, he decided to buy airtime on radio station KTYM in Inglewood, California. But when he approached the station, Mr. Al Williams, the Station Manager, refused him permission to do so because he was convinced that Roy was much too naive and vulnerable to last in the dog-eat-dog world of radio. Roy finally got around Mr. Williams by agreeing to the offer of a friend to buy a 15-minute slot for him in his own name, which would be filled, of course, with Roy's taped message. To anyone familiar with the spontaneous, unrehearsed way Roy gets his message across today, it's hard to imagine what a labor of love those early programs were. Picture Roy writing out what he wanted to say, editing and re-editing it, clocking it, taping it, and re-taping it. But he was determined to do whatever he had to do, in order to be heard. The program was a success from the very beginning. In the years since then, the Foundation has achieved modest success by worldly standards. For the thousands whose lives have been changed through their contact with the Foundation, however, the organization has achieved the greatest success possible.

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