Attack Email

Here's a follow-up attack email I received from Willis Shaw Express Owner Operator John R. Henry.

Since you think my last email was an attack email, then let me attack what you think is your intelligence.  I would like to see if this one is also posted to your website with my email address included yet once more.  Since you have posted 15 weeks worth of "pay stubs" on the internet for everyone's viewing.  Do you realize you givie both gross and net income but only a gross total amount.  Based on numerous drivers' calculations, including my own,  we have come to the conclusion that you are a complete and total moron because when you add the 15 weeks of gross pay together the correct total is $14,217.72, not $18,950.26.   Do the math, we all can and did. For your information, yes I am an o/o, but o/o of the year for 2004.
P.S.  Hey PROFESSOR, look at us now!