Attack Email

Here's an attack email I received from Willis Shaw Express Owner Operator John R. Henry.

boy howdy you really don't make much i still work for your other company that you left.  looks like you didn't wise up any since the last time i saw you and you couldn't understand why anyone would own a truck. boy i hope when i grow up i don't turn out like you. let me explain something to you even though you are making .41 cents a mile you must not be getting very many miles in.  that means that you are making very much  money. you are averaging just a little under 1700 dollars a month.  boy as a owner operator if i decide to run as a company driver and make the same as you say you did and only did 3000 miles a week for the same number of weeks i would make a gross amount of $21780.  the only way someone doesn't make that many miles is dening loads are makeing someone mad.  then of course there is maybe the fact that you aren't much of a truck diver anyway.  feel free to cantact me when ever. no one is mad about you leaveing but you sould really get your facts straight before you open your mouth!!!!!!
                                                                                  Owner Operator 

                                                                                    John R Henry

                                                                                Willis Shaw Express