The Bald Truth

Are you a man losing your hair? Why not do yourself a favor and just shave it off rather than worry about it or getting a hairpiece?

As I'm driving my truck, I listen to radio a lot. The endless ads for hair restoration, hair re-growth remedies, etc. are designed to undermine the balding man's confidence. These types of ads are designed to create and/or exploit an emotionally-based problem in the balding man's mind, and then offer a costly "solution."

Why not tackle the problem head-on? Take control of the hair loss problem and do something positive rather than hiding under a toupee or hat. If you understand what I'm saying, you can have all the confidence you want in a New York City minute!!!!

True confidence is not something that comes from the approval or disapproval of other people. I've found that if I base my life around what other people "might think" of me, I'm guaranteed to be absolutely miserable.

I’m a quiet observer of people and how they act in public. Occasionally I notice people in public who are literally looking around to see who is noticing them. These people are usually the most unhappy people of all.

We are typically taught from early childhood on to try to obtain, and get some sort of ego boost from the reactions of others, usually to the way we look and act. In other words, we are taught to seek approval. Seeking the approval of others is fraught with danger to our egos and almost always results in varying degrees of unhappiness.
Here’s how I handle it. If someone gives me a compliment of some sort, I’m polite and thank them, but I don’t let it “go to my head” so to speak. I don’t feed my ego at the trough of their approval – I don’t let their compliments “make my day” as it were.

The problem with getting a “high” out of a compliment, of letting a compliment “make my day” is that I’m setting myself up for inevitable disappointment. I become addicted to approval, and if and when I don’t get it, I will feel like the rug has been pulled from beneath me. I can resolve “not to care what others think” all I want and it’s all in vain.

Basking in the “light” of the approval of others always locks one into an “approval prison.” The key to the lock of the approval prison is to not bask in that light.
Someone will ALWAYS come along that shows disapproval. I’ve found if I don’t let compliments “go to my head” then the inevitable disapprovals that come my way don’t bother me in the least. In fact, when handled successfully in this way, the energy of disapproval instantly reverses polarity and becomes a net positive.

This is an important point – once I realized this simple principle, my life instantly changed – I realized that I could look as extreme or as “different” from the “sea of all-alike” as I want and it literally doesn’t matter – people cannot touch me with their disapproval, no matter how vile or vehement. Whether you shave your head or not, if you can pick up on this single point, how you relate to your life and how you relate to the world will change for the better. If you take nothing else away from what I've said, this point is worth grasping!